first game where it was necessary to drive a tank and destroy enemy vehicles, called the Battle City, and was released on consoles in 1985.Of course, it can not be called a simulator, but in fact it is Battle City was one of the first games entirely dedicated tanks.Currently existing tank simulators can be divided into several main groups.

Realism or convenience?

One species classification - genre.As in the case of the flight simulator games are divided into realistic and arcade.Realistic simulations are an attempt to reproduce all the subtleties of the combat machine with maximum precision.There are many options and control, and similar to the real physics of motion of the tank, and the limitation of the review.All this makes realistic simulation quite difficult to learn, and
therefore interesting only to fans of this military equipment.

As for arcade tank simulator, there is management significantly simplified compared to the present, and many real figures changed in favor of dynamic gameplay.Naturally, this is the genre attracts the bulk of fans as "barrier to entry" is quite low.

success multiplayer games

In addition, all tank simulators can be divided into single and multiplayer.In the first case, the player fights with opponents controlled by artificial intelligence, in the second we have to fight with other players.Of course, the second option offers a lot more tactical possibilities, as the actions of living people is much more difficult to predict.In addition to online games there is a competitive element increases the interest of the players.For example, one of the most popular multiplayer arcade simulator World of Tanks, created by Belarusian company Wargaming, only on Russian servers collect a million players online.

combined genres are so-called tactical shooters - computer game in which players control soldiers, in some cases, able to use various techniques, such as tanks.However, these games can not be attributed to the simulator, because, firstly, the management of tanks in them rather primitive, and secondly, the tanks are used to destroy enemy personnel and not to fight with other combat vehicles, as in the tank simulator.