you need
  • - Fly Studio 8.
To set the sound file in Counter-Strike 1.6 to start download or Convert using specialized software version of the Soundwhich has an extension WAV.Also make sure that in the game folder there are files .cfg, namely userconfig.cfg.Be careful with a similar configuration file name is a huge number, but you need it userconfig.Move it to the folder cstrike.Then rename the downloaded (or the converted) audio file on voice_input.Now when you click on the button corresponding to the inclusion of a microphone (typically a key of K on the English keyboard layout) for the server e will play your music.
to create any audio file to CS, open the program Fly Studio 8. The top of the locate button with the scissors.A window with two rows of buttons.Choose the first from the bottom, and in it, click on the Load Sample, then select the desired music or sound.Once the file is loaded, place the mouse pointer on the table of sound and graphics to highlight the desired fragments.They need to stand out in red.Then press the third button from the left, which shows a pair of scissors, and select Cut.Click on the button to the right - to keep, to select where to save your eyes and under what name.Below there is a strip that says Microsoft wave file (* wav), select this field - Microsoft compressed wave file (* wav).
is also possible to play music for the players when connected to a server th.To do this, download the plug-in on the following link loadingsound.amxx copy the addonsamxmodxplugins.Folder sound move in Valvecstrike.To set your own music, go to the folder and replace the standard vox audio file on your own (renamed loading and convert in the wav-format).Then restart the server to take effect.