Tip 1: How to share files

Today, file sharing systems on the Internet rather vostrebovatelnosti.Of course, you can send a file by mail, but it is not always convenient.It is much easier to use the Games.Upload your file on it.To throw a link to download files you require the user.And your partner will be able to download a file at any time convenient to him.In this article you will learn how to share files with one of the most popular file sharing Runet "Yandex.The people. "
Go to page http://narod.yandex.ru.In the right pane to see the words "Share files ยป.Click the mouse on the link.Next, if you are not registered, before using the service, you need to undergo this procedure.
After registering you get to the service itself.On the right side you will see an offer to download files.Download one by one can be multiple files.You can do this in two ways.First click on the Browse button.In the window that appears, select the file you want to upload.The second method is to catch the mouse and move the fil
e you want in the box with the words "Drag here your files with the mouse."Wait a while until loading files to the service.
How to communicate
After that you will see a list of files placed on "Yandex.The people. "Just below you'll see a link to the file to download.You copy it and send it to the addressee in any way you like.
How to communicate

Tip 2: How to transfer files from iPhone

Finally, with the iPhone you can transfer files directly to other devices via Bluetooth.This is done through a special program iBluetooth, which in its first appearance caused a real stir.
How to transfer files from your iPhone
program has its own settings and allows the user to personalize its interface.Thus, it is possible to set a PIN code, as well as to register the discovery of their own rooms.
To transfer the file, open the list of folders iPhone.Open the folder in which is located the desired file, and select it.This takes you to the next window where you will need to select the device to which you are going to transfer a file.Please note that your music you can stream formats .mp3, .wav, and .aiff.
Choose the recipient of your files and submit them.Do not forget that before sending the files you will need to enter the PIN code for your device in the event that if you put it.In principle, the function of the PIN can be disabled in the settings.In the process of transmission to the iPhone screen, you will see the speed and the percentage of the transfer as well as the total amount of data sent and transmitted files.
If the transmission does not occur, check if your iPhone and the device to which you are trying to convey recording, whether they are in the mode of Visible.
If you want to take files , then all you need to do is to confirm the request to accept the file, and then specify the program, what kind of record you want to save the folder.You can also reject or accept the file.
In order to get out of iBluetooth, you can simply click on the cross closing the program.To run the program in the background, click on "Home".A characteristic feature of the program - no relationship with yourself as a Bluetooth device.They include at the same time is not recommended.
While the program there is a very small period of time, and the company is not very Radel for its release (Apple disapproves of copyright infringement, Kojima is essentially any file transfer), iBluetooth improving before our eyes.So if the first version of the program has been unable to transfer photos in general, but now even the transfer is virtually no distortion.
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file you can download both from the computer of one and the second, with the BitTorrent protocol provides download two differentparts of the file (with a single and a second computer) and then combine them into the original file.Thus, the desired total speed of downloading the video file to 1Mbit / s will be provided.


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