Determine CMS

decide to start with a platform on which to set your CMS.Explore the options that are offered by the hoster.Note the software that is installed on your server.For example, many modern control systems require PHP version is not lower than 5.2, the presence of at least one accessible database MySQL.It is also desirable to have access to the php.ini file to configure the required parameters.

well-researched budget that you are willing to spend on the maintenance of the project.It will be installed CMS to create a blog, or want to make a serious platform for the online store.Even free CMS may require investing a certain amount of money that can be spent on maintenance, and the purchase of additional plug-ins or revision.If necessary, the support of a
specialist to find out the cost of works.

Think about what functional component will be present in your system.Explore the sites of the most popular systems, read reviews on various forums and websites to choose the best for themselves engine in accordance with extended requirements and parameters.After reading reviews and aligning them with your wishes, you can choose the most suitable CMS.

Popular engines

Today there are several engines, which are claimed by various developers and are multifunctional. Among paid CMS notes 1C-Bitrix, has extensive functionality to create an online store.Also popular are ImageCMS, NetCat and MODX.

Among the most popular file systems-cms to create blogs developers allocate WordPress, which is also widely claimed newcomers.It will be ideal for quickly creating a small website, because it has a large number of templates and add-ons that will extend the functionality of the created site.Panel administer the site intuitive and has many options, which will be useful for both novice and experienced saytostroitelyam.Among the disadvantages of the CMS, you can note the high load on the server at a relatively low attendance. In 2009 this engine was named the best in the Open Source CMS Award.

With CMS Drupal you will also be able to create quite a serious resource, which will be positioned as a news portal or forum.The engine is flexible in configuration, and has additional modules that are configured by developers and easily integrated into the system.By default, the package also includes a wide engine functionality that increases with plug-ins.It is worth noting that Drupal picky about RAM. In 2010, Drupal was awarded the best CMS to contest Best Open Source Application.

One of the most popular is the system Joomla, which has serious functionality.The system is recommended for developers already familiar with the technology for creating sites.The disadvantage of the package is the involvement of program code and uncomfortable admin panel.The system has a large number of plug-ins and broad support from developers.