you need
  • computer with Photoshop, photography.
Most photos taken with the phone camera or cameras good inexperienced hand, require more or less correct.If you want to correct the image, look at the distribution of light.Use the tool "Lighten / Darken» («Dodge Tool» / »Burn Tool»), to change the illumination of individual sections of photos.It's an easy way to adjust the force of impact and the use of clarification to the extent necessary.You can lighten unwanted shadows on the faces to obscure the contours of the face, gives people a snow-white smile.
If you want to get rid of red-eye in the picture, you need a tool with the same name.It is located in the left pane.Its use is very simple - move the cursor to the pupil, and click the left mouse button.
Simple configuration tools allow you to change the amount of darkening and pupil size.
Use universal tool "Stamp" to copy the desired image area.Choose one of the many tools mode, change the transparency and work with the "stamp".For example, you can remove wrinkles or swelling of the face, replacing the relevant parts of the skin clean.
To sharpen a separate site photos (eyes, face, different items), use the "Art Healing Brush."It allows you to use any stage of processing photos with a brush and return the individual sections of the original appearance.Find this "time machine" can be in the tab "Image" - "Adjustments".
If you want to make your photos black and white, use the tool "Black & amp; White» («Black & amp; White»).It allows the "right" takes a color image to black and white: you can change the reflection of each color.Find it in the familiar tab "Image" - "Adjustments".Besides the basic functions, the tool will help to make your photo richer and clearer.With the option «Tint» you can tint the image in a particular color.
tool "Shadow / Highlight" (as in the tab "Image" - "Adjustments") will allow you to darken too bright photography and choose the light from the shadows.The tool also creates a so-called depth of the image.Adding dark undertones in bright areas, and light - in the dark, you will attach the picture larger volume and make it deeper.This tool used by almost all, it is indispensable in its own way.