you need
  • MS Word or another text editor.
Open MS Word and choose the necessary document.Specify the location where you want to insert graphics or organization chart.To insert a chart you must select "Paste┬╗ - & gt;"Drawing┬╗ - & gt;"Chart" / "organizational chart".These two types of diagrams used to display a variety of data.Depending on the type of chart in the document will appear billet directly with the diagram and the data window that looks like a table of MS Excel.This table is needed for the formation.Depending on the type of graphics data window may also vary.
Fill in the data of relevant information, forming a graph.By default, the graph there is only 4 lines and 4 columns.If not enough of range, add as many rows and columns -
as needed.To add a row or column, you need to click on them with the right mouse button and select "Add a column / row."If suddenly the window closed for data entry, you can call it by double clicking on the chart itself.
change the appearance of the schedule if necessary.This should be done only after completely finished entering data.For graphics, you can add a title by pressing the right-mouse, resulting in the game will tekstnoe menu.In it, select the "Chart Options".A dialog box "Chart Options".Default is a tab headers, where you can sign the chart and axis.The tab "Data Table" is responsible for the display of the field data in a table, etc.Also, at its discretion, change the background fill by right-clicking on the selected schedule and a dialog box "Format Chart Area."By default, the program suggests using a bar graph.If you want to use a different type of chart, you need to call the context menu and select "Chart Type."Note that you must first select the chart type, and only then fill the box with the data.This is due to the fact that certain types of charts have only one axis, which reflects the percentages or ratios.Schedule is ready.