you need
  • - internet;
  • - sequencer (Logic, Fruity Loops);
  • - midi-keyboard or a touch input device.
Sample - a small sound file.It can be written on tape (microphone) or create using electronic means.Samples themselves are of little value in the music.The combination of different samples with their subsequent treatment may lead to the creation of high-quality backing tracks (music without words) to hip-hop, pop-music or R & amp; B.
Create your sample or download an existing one.Large database of samples of various musical bands and electronic artists is available on the project,, the forums of these projects, there is also plenty of information on the further processing of audio files.However, samples at these free
projects have a significant drawback - they do not have a high uniqueness because of its accessibility.
Download and install the sequencer - a program for creating and editing audio files.Fruity Loops for Windows and Logic for MAC OS are the most popular and effective sequencers at the moment.Both programs are paid, but provide a trial period (30 and 15 days respectively).
Load sample into your sequencer.To do this, open Fruity Loops or Logic, go to the "File" menu, choose "Add sample."
Tie sample to a key of your device - keyboard, midi or touch input device.Connect the device to your computer, turn it in the sequencer, select the "Devices", click "Settings".Tie the whole sample or a portion thereof to the individual keys.
Click on the table sequencer "Start Recording."Start playing samples.Each press of the button enables playback tied a piece of sample.Create your own music track.Save your work in mp3 or ogg.Saving is made in the "File" menu.