Tip 1: How to install the game on your PDA

Games long ceased to be an attribute of stationary personal computers - the rapid growth of modern electronic technology, users can not only play on a PC or laptop, but also on cell phones, and PDAs - handheld computers.For the successful operation of the game on your PDA it to properly download and install.
Always pay attention to the file extension to install the game - depends on the method of its installation.If she has an extension of .exe or .msi, it must be set with an ordinary personal computer via the utility ActiveSync.With this software, connect handheld to your computer and run the .exe or .msi file of the game.Continue the process, and then ActiveSync will require your permission to install the game PDAs .Confirm the action.
If the game looks like an archive format cab, it must be downloaded to a PDA and install directly from there.Copy the main directory PDAs cab-file and then open it in Pocket PC File Explorer and run the file.Setup will begin the ga
me - follow the instructions.
Also there are exe-files that do not require installation, but it does not work on an ordinary computer system Win32.Through ActiveSync or another system, copy the file to the PDA , and then open it in File Explorer.It does not require installation, which means you can run it from the directory in which it is copied.
In addition, you can create a shortcut for the game to run it from a more convenient location - for example, the folder « Games ».To do this click with the stylus on a file by calling the menu, and select Copy.Open the folder you want, where you want to place the shortcut, and then open the context menu.Select Paste as shortcut.

Tip 2: How to install the game on your device

installation method of gaming applications on the communicator , running Windows Mobile, determined by the type of the installation file - .exe and .msi and .cab.But in any case, a prerequisite is the use of pre-synchronization device through ActiveSync.
How to install the game on your device
you need
  • - AciveSync.
Connect device to your computer using the connecting cord, and execute data synchronization device with a PC.
Make sure that the green icon timing the bottom right area of ​​the screen of a computer monitor is active and determine the extension of the executable game application: - files ending in .exe or .msi installation shall be via computer applications using ActiveSync;- files with the extension .cab installed directly on the device and do not require pre-decompression - files with extension .exe, do not run on a computer are not available for Win32, are installed on the mobile device.
Run for installation executable with the extension .exe or .msi on your computer and follow the recommendations of the installation wizard.
Select No in the window that opens, on the request of the installation path.This action allows you to select the memory card and communicator rather than the main memory of the mobile device.
Wait for the automatic completion of the installation process, or create a copy of the installation file with the extension .cab and transfer it to your device .
Open the File Explorer on your device and run the copied file.
implement the recommendations of the installation wizard and complete the process.
Make a copy on your computer does not start .exe-file and transfer it to your device applications using ActiveSync.
Open the File Explorer on your device and find that copy.
Run the file found, or hold down the shortcut file before the context menu, if necessary, change the storage location.
Point to Copy, and then select the desired folder to save the file.
Click on the empty space of the selected folder with the stylus to display the service menu, and point to Paste as shortcut.
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