Systematics workspace

folders, programs, shortcuts and other inevitable clutter the workspace, making the search for the necessary documents to the painful memories of exactly where you saved it.And sometimes the user does not notice the mess for a long time.When it comes time to sort out the backlog of documents, it often comes screeching halt as organize all the accumulated.

Of course, the ideal is a variant in which the desktop is always in perfect order and under control.If you have not, then it's time to learn how to organize your desktop space.

To do this, take a rule to fix the shortcuts on the Windows taskbar and do not duplicate them on your desktop.This is quite convenient, because it does not have to look through the eyes of an icon on the desktop.Both the Windows desktop clean.Taskbar Windows, in turn, serves as a temporary repository for all the necessary, and most i
mportantly - is all at your fingertips.Typically, the taskbar to quickly clean up all unnecessary and clog it about once a week during active use.

Tools systematization workspace

There are free tools that help organize the shortcuts on your desktop, for example, Fences.Fences for Windows desktop as certain "ogorazhivatelya" certain areas in which the user places the labels, systematizing them on your own.The installation process is standard and will not cause difficulties even for inexperienced users.It is recommended to give the name of the installed "partitions", as they appear on your desktop.You can move them around on your own.In each such zone, the partition can be folded documents certain subjects.So much faster you can find the right document.While some users have reported intermittent failures of the program, but it ultimately depends on the hardware of your computer.

There are still ways to organize your desktop Windows.For example, it is possible in a folder with a set of documents to put a thematic picture.Then miniikonka will appear on the folder and you will be easier to navigate in their abundance, as by the image folder on the desktop will not seem the same.

use program VeBest Icon Groups, with which you can add to your desktop with an unlimited number of user-friendly and beautiful panels.With their help, you can organize your desktop clean and tidy and give it a nice look.