Tip 1: How to move a large file

Sometimes the size required for file transfer may exceed the amount of external support, in most cases even strengthened his grip does not help the situation.But you can always split the file into pieces and transfer it to multiple media (disks) or the alternate one.
In order to split a file into pieces requires a special archive utility.The most popular and available for this purpose - WinRar.Her and download:
install the program as an administrator (if you have Windows 7).
run programs.In the window that displays the contents of your computer's drives, you locate and highlight desired file or folder.
press on the toolbar "Add".
window opens in which you can fine-tune the size of the future archive or archives.To stake file or folder into several parts configuring the line "Share in the volume size (in bytes)."You choose the most suitable size of one piece.
committed by setting addit
ional parameters (See note.) If you want and press OK.
expected completion of the backup.
Archived part of your file default will be placed in a directory file named «& lt; name of the source file & gt; .part & lt; part number & gt;. & Lt; archive format & gt; '.
order to then put all the pieces together, you need to move all the pieces in one folder and choose to decompress the first part (part1).The result is a source file.

Tip 2: To outsource the administrative center of Moscow

With the expansion of Moscow will be the talk of the transfer of the administrative center of the capital of the historic site near the Kremlin into new territories.Experts have even developed a number of recommendations where to place the administrative resource, so that it can work effectively without interfering with the rest of the townspeople.

transfer the administrative center of the capital was long overdue.Endless traffic jams due to tuples with flashing lights, a lack of parking spaces, the narrow streets of the center of Moscow - all this is literally paralyze the normal work and life of the whole city.Therefore, when the idea of ​​expansion capital, primarily talking about the transfer of all basic facilities to manage the country is there.Here and more seats, and the opportunities for the development of much broader.

The plan designers to transfer administrative center of Moscow to the place where organized good transport links.That is, we must be present isolation, to withstand an influx of public vehicles.

One theory recognized by experts as the most justified, involves the transfer of all administrative resources in Moscow close to the international airports Domodedovo and Vnukovo.It left quite a large plot of land which is not built up anything.Therefore, this place is the best solution for the future of the administrative center of the capital.Thus, solved several important strategic objectives.One of them - the reduction of traffic jams in the center due to the passage of officials tuples.Another - the development of the surrounding areas and the development of new land.

Moving all devices is planned in the next 5 years.The same places that they had occupied, - buildings, land - will be sold, and the money spent on it to build a similar infrastructure in a new place.

project of transferring the administrative center began to be developed almost simultaneously with the announcement of a future expansion of the capital.It is necessary to consider so many details that the move did not become a global catastrophe and a global challenge for the whole city.In addition, carry a variety of public facilities need without compromising their work.

addition WinRar there are many other archiver 7-zip, Arc, QickZip, ExtractNow other, but not all of them support this feature and so easy toapplication.
Helpful Hint
as other parameters, you can select the file (zip or rar), compression method (from the "uncompressed" to "maximum"), add a data recovery, electronic signature and so on.

If part of the file will then be uploaded to the Internet - make them as small as possible.Since the files from the Internet can be pumped "beaten" (the fault may be a communication channel, faults in memory, etc.), and re-downloading large files long.
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