search for the file name.If you know the name of the file, the search will be faster.If you remember only part of the name, and this is enough - in the search result will display all files that have in their names, these characters.Click Start - Find - Files or Folders.First, make better use of the most common search, select files and folders.Enter the full name or part of it.By default, the search looks for on all disks on the computer, but if you know where to be desired file, you can select a search yourself.Click Find.As a result, there will be files that match your search criteria.These files can be opened directly from the search box.
file search by date.The more precise the data, the more efficient and faster to search.Select Search for the documents (text files, spreadsheets, etc.).Next, selec
t the date of the last changes to the file, and click Search.You can also add additional search criteria, such as part of the name or location of the alleged.Additionally, you can add the file creation date.When you enter everything that reminded of a file, including its size, click Find.
search by file type.If you forget the name of the file, as well as the last time it was used, you may remember the file type, for example, whether a spreadsheet or text document.In this case, it makes sense to search for the file type.Select the most common search - files and folders.Then select additional search options.Select the type of file.You can also choose where to search for the file.Click Find.
search by file size.One of the most important characteristics is its file size.Most often it refers to a music or video files.You must enter a search term - file size - and select the desired from the list.