Tip 1: How to insert a favicon

To insert an icon with the logo of your site, there are two ways.One of them involves the creation of the icon file in the root directory, and the other - the insert using a special code editor.
you need
  • - editing;
  • - notebook.
Open the root directory of your site .Make it a file called favicon.ico.This file will support the display of the icon of your site to the address bar in the browser.
If the icon of your site not ready yet, create it using the program Adobe Photoshop, pre-download the appropriate plug-in or other graphic editor that supports this type of file, for example, Microangelo, QTam Bitmap to Icon, Axialis IconWorkshop.Pre-check the work in different browsers, not just about displaying icons site in the address bar, and in the catalog "Favorites."
tag of your page list the following code:.In this case, will be supported by reference to the different variations of image size, which is quite convenient, but less reliable.
Here you can use as a regular editor "Notepad", as well as special programs designed for more comfortable writing code, for example, a free utility Notebook, which supports the display of line numbers and is quite user friendly software atfrequent editing.
Create an icon for your site , think in advance all the details.It is best to immediately determine the design and size (here - depending on the method of adding it as in the first case is available only files with a resolution of 16x16).
You can also take advantage of special .atn files for Adobe Photoshop, which allows to automatically create icons with the desired effect, you can find them online at the discussion forums or online deviantart.com under "Actions".

Tip 2: How to Install icon on sites

Any saytostroitel should know about how to make your website visitors a memorable and above all, to the site recognized by the first results of search engines.And to highlight the site of the total weight, the web designer should be able to install the icons that are displayed next to the site on a browser tab.
How to install icon on sites
you need
  • icon for the site, the site, the original html-file site.
create an icon for the site.To do this, you can take advantage of special programs, such as «Adsen FavIcon», «IcoFX», «Favicon Create».Or on-line service, which simply load the image and get the icon.An example of these sites: www.favicon.ru or www.favicon.by .In any case, save your file under the name «favicon.ico».
Next, open the root directory of the site and to throw our image file icons.
Open source an html file.Find the tag «head», and paste the following code:

«link rel =" icon "href =" / favicon.ico "type =" image / x-icon "»

«link rel =" shortcut icon "href = "/ favicon.ico" type = "image / x-icon" ».After that, your icon will be visible in the browser.However, this may not immediately occur if the server is not updated file.We are waiting for a couple of days, and admire this icon.It is worth noting that on some engines, you can just copy its icon in the root folder of the site, replacing an existing icon.
Helpful Hint
Perform mandatory checks on all browsers.


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