you need
  • software VirtualDub, a computer, a video camera.
Connecting the camera to a PC is made by means of connecting cables, which tend to come with a video camera purchased.The cable is divided into two lines: audio and video.The line "Audio" to be connected to Line-In jack of your sound card (standalone or integrated), and the line "Video" connected to the input connector of your video card.Before digitizing the video you want to disable any programs that will not participate in this process.These programs may include any audio and video players, file management, antivirus software and other utilities.
next stage settings connect the camcorder to the computer will be the installation of a
ll audio settings to their maximum.This can be done through the setting of audio applet: Click "Start" menu, select "Control Panel" in the window that opens, double-click "Sounds and Audio Devices."
Run VirtualDub.In the main window, click on the top menu File, then select Capture AVI (video capture).Press F9 to edit capture settings.In the window, you must activate the item Capture audio (audio capture).The following is the option to change the Frame rate to 25.00 units.
now configure the sound that we receive from the camera (The files are stored).By default, the program exposed the format PCM - good quality sound recording.This format change is not necessary, and the speed of the bit rate can be increased to 128 or 192 would be enough.The higher the bit rate, the larger the file to be created.
Video adjust better when the record is being played on the camera: Press the top menu Video, then select Format.In the new window, select one of the presented formats.You can tell right away that the format UYVY - the most popular, so he prefers to most known video codecs.
Now press the Video menu and select Source.Capture Source tab, you can choose a codec or capture device.It is also possible to select the type of camera connection if the connecting cable to the "tulips", select the type of Video Composite.Device Settings tab, you can fully adjust settings such as brightness, saturation, hue, etc.
All settings have been made and saved automatically.To begin capturing press the F6 key on the keyboard, then the Play button on the camcorder.At the end of the video capture, press the Esc key and the Stop button or the Pause button on your camera.